just a ‘simple’ sunset…

Are sunsets ever really simple?  They can mean everything or nothing, depending on what value or mystery we put on them.  For me, who thrills to the soul-deep pulse of the night and the aching pull of the Moon in all her glory, sunsets are never simple.  They’re the ‘dawning’ of my true wakefulness.  I have always loved sunsets, and ever since I truly got back to my photography, catching brilliant sunsets is one of my joys.

Just so happens, Sunday night there was a great sunset.  I was out with several friends working on a little indie film, and we broke for dinner just as the sun (which had graciously been bright & warm… but not hot… all day) slipped below the horizon & ducked his head as the cloak of night fell.  We were headed into the restaurant when I happened to turn my head & catch the sight – and I knew I couldn’t just let it pass, so I told the group I’d be in soon & rushed back to the car to get my camera.

Below is the result…

Love & Light!

The 'Dawning' of Night


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