Rage Against the Machine

what are we becoming…

I had no intention of making this blog political.  I have very strong personal opinions, but believed I would hold those private & not delve into those topics here.  But my heart is breaking… I see what is happening across the country, and I cannot believe these stories & images are from here, in our ‘land of the free’.

Regardless of whether you agree with the Occupy Movement or not – what’s being done to the protesters is deeply abhorrent & just wrong.

I just… I just don’t know what’s happening – what we’re becoming – what’s been allowed to grow & fester to bring us to this point.  I created a graphic to help me express my feelings on the matter.


4 thoughts on “what are we becoming…

  1. Yeah, same here. Last summer a group of people was protesting the restauration of a train station in the south of Germany, and the police attacked them with heavy artillery… shot one guy’s eyes out with water cannons. At least we still ahve uncensored media reporting on the events, thus making sure the decision-makers can be identified and held responsible. But I wonder who the Hel thinks this kind of “defense” is appropriate?!

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