it’s a thong thing…

Sometimes, the absolute easiest things to do can really make a difference.

Ever hear of or see a ‘book thong’?  It’s like a bookmark (which, incidentally, I collect… I’m that obsessed with books), but it’s essentially a string with lovely little beads and/or charms strung on either end.  It takes the place of standard bookmarks, leaves less of an ‘imprint’ in your books, and can be customized to just about anybody.

If you’re the crafty sort, you already have the “fixin’s” in your kit – if you’re not, you can find them at any craft store for very little money.  Although, if you want to get super-fancy-schmancy you can pick up expensive beads & things… make a ‘high quality’ thong.  Your call.

The instructions could not be any more basic.

1. Gather supplies. (Beads/charms, string, scissors. Seriously.)


2. String items onto the cord.

Easy as pie.

3. Superglue the ends.

And yeah… that’s basically it.  You might want to use spacers, or clasps, etc… pretty much your call.  You can dress it up, or dress it down.  Cut longer cord for large books, and mini-thongs for little ones.  Heck, you can even tuck one into the case on your eBook reader. 😉

If you’re looking for a quick & easy DIY gift to show someone appreciation or that you were thinking of them, you can’t beat a book thong.

Happy Gifting…

Love & Light.


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