the forgetful mind…

I live or die by lists.  My OCD brain won’t accept anything less.  I have lists for everything… and calendars… if I don’t, my mind scatters into a million pieces & I can’t get anything done.

So I’m obsessive about lists.

But occasionally, I forget to put something on my list(s), and what happens? Oh yeah, I don’t do whatever that ‘thing’ was.

… Like wrap a xmas gift for the friend I’m meeting for lunch.  Got the gift, but no wrapping.

So that’s when my creative side jumps in & figures out a solution.

In this case – it was really simple.  I’m at the office.  And the gift is small.  One MSOffice Publisher file & a really fun holiday-themed image later, and voila!  I’m printing my own wrapping paper.

Last minute, but doesn’t look it. 🙂

Small Gift wrapped in Printed Paper


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