what is a journey?

** Disclaimer: I am not a fan of Louis Vuitton… I feel as though it’s somewhat obscene to spend $1-3,000 on a purse, much less what they charge for luggage. (Though in all fairness, I am told, upon occasion, that I can be too harsh in my judgments.)

That said, about a year ago, the company released a ‘long-form commercial’ ad campaign that I happen to really like.  It speaks to me, especially at this time of year, because everything is cycling to a new beginning – everything around us pulls at our souls to evaluate who we are and where we’re going.  Our journey… and what we’ll make of it.

Louis Vuitton – A Journey

Against a backdrop of international images, the following is displayed:

What is a journey?

A journey is not a trip.

It’s not a vacation.

It’s a process. A discovery.

It’s a process of self-discovery.

A journey brings us face to face with ourselves.

A journey shows us not only the world,

but how we fit in it.

Does the person create the journey,

or does the journey create the person?

The journey is life itself.

Where will life take you?

I’m still not going to buy anything from LV – but I give them full marks for a wonderful commercial.

What will be your journey this year?


2 thoughts on “what is a journey?

  1. I’m not a fan either, but this was the work of some brilliant advertising people, not the designer, so I’m going to give the marketing people the credit and I’m still never buying such a pointless extravagance!!

    My journey this year is about self discovery. I am not going to find myself because I know exactly where I am. What I am going to do is stop worrying or even thinking about what others think of me and just be. This is going to be a challenge because it means breaking a pattern that has been in place since I was a young child who was considered by others to be a misfit. Now I must not only accept but take pride in my misfit-self and stop worrying about the opinions of those who are not as colorful or rebellious as I. I have been adjusting my personality to suit others too long (this goes for family including kids) and I’m finished. And just as endings prompt beginnings, I sense a new phase coming in my life…a good one and I’m going to enjoy, embrace and immerse myself in the wonder of it, no matter what others think, or say, or do.

    So there!! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to make this official statement

    • Good for you! What a wonderful journey… and thank you for sharing. 🙂 It is vitally important to live truthfully & fully… and as a wise person once said, “It’s never to late to become the person you were meant to be.” … Bright Blessings on your path – and feel free to update anytime!

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