I know, I know. I’ve been MIA for far too long. There’s a reason for that and I’ll share, I promise, but I’m just not sure what all I want to say about that just yet. (Because really, I don’t think anyone’s interested… but hey, what do I know?! LoL)

In the meantime, I ran across this blog post, “In Praise of Glasses” and couldn’t help sharing.

You see, when I first started wearing glasses, I fought it. I hated having something hanging on my faceand let’s face it, when you’re in Jr. High (or even High School), having something that makes you different is not exactly what you’re going for. I was already painfully shy, so I spent a lot of time hiding my glasses & refusing to wear them. Added to the downfall of the glasses was the fact that my parents couldn’t afford to buy me anything ‘stylish’, so they were pretty fuggly, I’m not gonna lie.

Things started changing once I turned 16, however. When the AL DMV tested my eyes they decided I couldn’t drive w/o the glasses. Well, hell’s bells. Fine! I wanted to be mobile, so I gave in. Still didn’t wear them outside the car, though. And I really didn’t need to wear them full-time, I could still see reasonably well.

Then I went to college. I had never SEEN classrooms that large, and you best believe I couldn’t see anything past a few rows in front of me. And there it was – I had to haul out the glasses. There was no way I was going to pass my classes otherwise. And as it turned out… nobody cared. Shocking, I know, but the world didn’t end, my fellow students didn’t all of a sudden whip around in some ‘Children of the Corn’, pod-person, pointing damnation of me. They really couldn’t care less. Who knew?

As the years have gone on, I have embraced not only my glasses-self, but also my bookworm, geek-girl, brainy-chick self… Glasses work for me. They’re very vocal about who and what I am, and I don’t have to say a word. And that’s kinda cool, come to think of it.

Every so often, I toy around with the idea of Lasik (I tried contacts & they just don’t work for a variety of reasons…), but whenever I mention it to anyone, the reaction is exactly the same. “[Gasp!] No! No! Don’t do it! The glasses are so you… you wouldn’t be Maddie without them!” The first time I heard that, I thought the person was nuts. After the 5th or 6th, however, I started to think maybe I was the one that was nuts.

So, good or bad, it looks like I’m sticking with the glasses… and as it turns out, I like what I see in the mirror. Especially since I CAN see in the mirror. 😀

Peeking Through the Glasses

1. To this day, I’m still not fond of glasses hanging on my face. Nor am I a fan of the way they moosh when I’m trying to lay on my side & read… or the fact that I can’t wear headbands w/ the glasses… OR trying to wear 3D glasses over top of my glasses at the movie theatre. However, all that I can deal with – ‘cuz really it’s not that big a deal. That said, I am working on fabricating my own pair of prescription 3D glasses made out of an inexpensive pair of glasses & the 3D film from a pair I swiped at the theatre… Ssssshhh! Don’t tell!


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