Rage Against the Machine

don’t get it twisted…

I wrote this little ‘rant’ some time ago & posted it on facebook. But it’s relevant over and over again, because until we as women band together & RAGE… demanding that things change & that we are given realistic images to represent us, the industry will continue to perpetuate this ‘myth’ of feminine beauty.

We’re goddesses, my sisters, no matter our size, shape, color, age or any other factor. And I’m a photographer – take it from me, what you see in magazines is no more real than what you see on an animated film. You would be *stunned* to learn what all we can do to alter images beyond any semblance of reality. If you don’t believe me, find a talented photographer & get them to do an edited beauty shot for you… ANYway – without further ado, my rant:

From Dove's 'Real Beauty' Campaign - We are ALL beautiful!

So I’m folding my clothes last night… watching Project Runway, and it’s one of those where they get non-model ‘clients’ and are meant to do something interesting with some awful piece of clothing that these women have. I love those – they’re always fun.

But one of the designers (the one who was last on the “pick a model” lineup & therefore got ‘stuck’ w/ the last lady) gets a client who’s voluptuous… First off, he says that word wrong, as though it’s a stranger to his vocabulary.  That was slightly annoying.  Then he’s talking to Tim Gunn about his design, and is giving him all these sighs & rolled eyes about how tough his job is & how he’s trying to be “delicate”… so pretentious.  THEN, one of the other designers does this sound-bite where they say he’s “handling this challenge with such grace” – as though someone had handed down a death sentence to the boy & he was meeting it head on with bravery.


Listen up, ‘Fashion-makers’, if you can’t sew clothes for someone who isn’t a Size 2, you are NOT a designer – you’re a hanger-decorator.  Women come in ALL shapes & sizes, and it’s not a crime against humanity for a woman to have curves.  So get over yourselves, recognize that a runway ISN’T a microcosm of the real world, and LEARN HOW TO SEW in something OTHER than a straight line!!

… That is all.

Photo Editing - Just a VERY small taste of what we can do.


2 thoughts on “don’t get it twisted…

  1. Well said. I rant about this all the time. Several months ago a FB friend of mine posted a piece showing how Faith Hill had been ‘transformed.’ If you looked carefully at the picture she had been so beautified that her arm was in the wrong place. Larger women are not leaving, gray hairs, lines, sags, bags and crows feet…. It’s a part of life. We all leave high school and eventually our bodies and gravity walk hand in hand. It’s o.k. I have given up watching lots of t.v. Reality tv isn’t real. ‘The news’ isn’t news and most of it is depressing. Blogging is my new diversion. Enjoyed visiting yours.

    • Thanks for stopping by! It is a wide-spread problem & people in ‘the industry’ are getting farther & farther away from reality. I think there are beautiful women in every size, shape & age… if we yell loudly enough about it, maybe things will change!
      Thanks again for your sweet comment… very glad you enjoyed your visit. 😀

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