spring memories…

I’m working on a somewhat lengthy post… but it’s taking a bit to get straight in my head, so I wanted to share a little something in the meantime.

I don’t often write poetry – but every so often one will hit me & I’ll need to put it down. This week brought one of those. Enjoy!

A comfortable little house

A little worn around the edges

‘well-loved’ as my grandmamma would say

A comfortable porch

A cool breeze

Birds sing Spring’s voice

All brings to mind other days

Wood floors and old quilts

Lace curtains dancing

Over opened windows

A pile of pillows and

A good, thick book

Sounds of cooking and

Classical music downstairs

The soundtrack to a warm afternoon

Fresh bread mingled with

Honeysuckle vines

Memory smells just as sweet

Across the years

The feeling stretches

The best words of all

‘Come Home to Me’

Lace Curtains in a Breeze


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