listening to soul-song…

So last Friday I was watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in London. I had a window open on my computer while sitting here at my desk so I could watch it streaming live (and bad form on NBC for *not* streaming it live & forcing most people to watch their edited version that night!!).

The beginning, for any who didn’t get a chance to see it, was a representation of England from pastoral to industrial age to electronic age. I will admit, the whole ‘forging’ of the Olympic Rings was pretty bad-ass; must give props to the Brits for that one. But overall, spectacle that it was, I didn’t find it thrilling & exhilarating… I found it incredibly sad.

The beginning grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let go. You see, the Green died – and in its place: smoke, brick, fire, noise, metal.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I love my AC, cell phone & indoor plumbing; and *obviously* I love me some internet – but it’s not the same.

As I watched, I felt a quiet, ancient part of me double over on itself in memory and loss for a time when we were so much a part of where we lived – the ground we planted in, the woods we walked through, the waters we drank from. I felt an ache; a sadness.

I have plans for my life. These plans require me to be where I am – in a large city where resources and opportunities are in place to facilitate the plans I have – so I can’t just pack up & move to a cabin in the woods and go completely off the grid.

But it occurs to me that my favorite vacations are when I do precisely that. I love to go someplace and take the time to reconnect with nature and find my truest self again.

It’s our spirit-pulse – that undefinable thing which ties the tactile to the ethereal… that makes our souls sing & fingers tingle… the ‘one-ness’ of the universe’s heartbeat.

That’s what we’re missing, all too often. That’s what we need to find again… what we need to look for. That’s why we have to unplug, switch off, and crawl our way through the cables, remotes, buzzes, bleeps, and constant noise to get to a place where things are real. Where we’re home.

The truth is in the silence. Mind, Body & Spirit. We’re nothing if we can’t find that.

And neither is our Magic…

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(c) London Olympics 2012


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