ready for the dark side…

Just about anyone who knows me, knows I’m a geek-girl – so it would be a fair guess to think that this post has something to do with Vader and the dark side of the Force… and in a way, I guess it does – in that the Force has balance & that’s pretty universal.

But really it’s about the dark side of our wheel. The part of our Pagan Year where the days get shorter, the nights longer, and the air quite a bit cooler. It’s almost here, and it’s when I truly come alive…

There are pagans for every season, as I’ve discovered, but it often seems like those in the forefront are the sun-worshipers… the gloriously fabulous women (and men) who thrive in the sun, growing & blossoming just like the plants and flowers they so lovingly tend as the weather warms up.

For me, I wilt. As soon as the sun starts taking over the wheel, I start getting languid & passive… and I all but shrivel up. To put it in a planting metaphor: Pumpkins, for example, can’t be planted in March – It’ll lead to withering, blight, and all kinds of nasty things… they don’t like it. Doesn’t work for them. They don’t care if everybody thinks they should be different…

I’m a pumpkin, y’all. For real.

Tuck me underground all nice & neat where it’s cool for the duration of summer, and by the time my blessed crisp & crunchy October rolls around – I’ll be good to go! (Offers for carving up are respectfully declined. LoL)

I’m more in tune with the true core of “me” on the dark side of the year. I’m still all organized and precise, low-key and introverted – but if you look… you’ll notice an extra sparkle in my eye, a smidge of saucy-ness to my demeanor, and a general all-around beaming energy.

Happens during thunderstorms, too… but that’s another story.

So I’m standing up to champion all of us out there who scrape through the months of heat by the tips of our sweaty fingers – just so we can get home to the Dark Side. Balance is key, of course, and we can’t have one without the other. So I obviously respect and love those who thrive in the sun; I recognize and appreciate the stunning beauty of the flowers of spring, the lush green-ness of summer… I have even, upon occasion, relished the feel of the slight tightness of sun-kissed skin soothed by a cool aloe or a sea-salt breeze. It has its moments.

But me? … Oooooh – My flowers are the brilliant flames of turning leaves, my landscapes are covered in a carpet of pine needles or snow, my scents are cinnamon, pumpkin and smoke from a bonfire…

I want a bite to my wind, a crunch to my step, and for the tip of my nose to tingle… I want to breathe deeply all the luscious, bottomless, rich smells of the darkness and night, and breathe out in a cloud of white…

I want red and orange and purple and black… I want all the best holidays of the year…

I want the return of the Dark Side.

(And yes – you may now play Vader’s theme in your head…)

A Little Saucy…


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