mabon fun

Mabon… a perfect example of why I’m in a state of perma-grin from the first cool morning until spring rears its pollen-encrusted head once again.

This past weekend was fabulous. As basically a  ‘baby witch’, I haven’t had much experience celebrating our holidays, and as I have no group (being a Solitary), there wasn’t any call for a big to-do. Which is good, actually, because when it comes to cooking I’m not much of a to-do-er. 😀

But it’s all one step at a time, and as I have been told ‘you don’t get better unless you do it!’ So I strode on out there & did my thing this past Saturday, treating my bestie & his daughter to a little down-home cookin’ in honor of our Harvest Holiday. I even broke out the (as yet unused!) wine corkscrew. LoL!

On tap was a bit of homemade soup (a little spicy) and some honey cornbread mini-muffins… drizzled with real butter. Yum, right?!

And here it is – my Mabon Offering… it turned out great, and so did my work that night. 😉

The Mabon Mini-Feast


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