Serendipity… isn’t that just the most fabulous word? As an unapologetic word-slut from way back, I have many words that just make my heart soar. And darlin’, that’s one of them.

Not only is it beautiful visually & by sound, but its meaning is delicious too. Just one of those perfect words. It’s almost like a secret word for us as Pagans, isn’t it? It means ‘happy accident’ – but we know better. We know things like that are more than just accidents. Don’t we?

Because if you just take the time to listen to the Universe (often times known as your ‘gut’) then more often than not things really do fall into place…

Over the past few months, I’ve lost a good bit of weight. One of the important things about continuing a weight loss program is to ‘treat’ yourself every so often… celebrate the work you’ve done. Well, recently all my jeans started to droop – to the tune of: I could pull them off without unbuttoning them.

… It was time for new jeans.

First thing I did was think Maybe I should just go nuts & get some designer jeans. I’m not rich, people, but I had found a serious discount on some swanky jeans & *nearly* ordered them. But it wouldn’t really sit right – I couldn’t ever click “buy” with a clear head… so I didn’t.

Then I thought Hell, I’m just gonna go to WalMart. And I did, and I found a pair… even bought them – but every time I tried them on, they just weren’t right. Tried to force it. Didn’t work. Took ’em back.

Finally, I was left with the mall. I hate the mall. Always have. But, it was time to bite the bullet, and go hunting for some jeans. I figured I’d start at American Eagle – I love that place… great aesthetic. So off I went.

But on the way down the brightly-lit cacophony that is a mall’s walkways, I saw another shop that caught my eye. So shrugged ‘what the hell’ and went in. I was following where I was being led.

And what I found was this:

  • Cute jeans.
  • In my size.
  • That fit great.
  • And I don’t have to hem!
  • AND were on BOGO sale…

Couldn’t be better.


Jeans & Autumn… a perfect combination.


2 thoughts on “serendipity…

  1. Sweetie, this is on of the best lighthearted articles I’ve read in a while. I hope you are happy in those jeans. You should be proud, I am for you. Brightest blessings. Byrony.

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