blow your mind…

No really. I will. I will totally blow your mind (well, you ladies anyway). Really, any guy readers I have, I’m sorry! This post is mostly for the chicks.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a Spring Cleaning kinda gal. Maybe I will become one in the future, but for me the coming of the warm weather is a total downer & I don’t feel like getting all hot ‘n sweaty around the house. But Autumn?! Hooo, boy – I love me some organizing & nesting when the air has a bit of a nip in it.

I get crazy industrious and do all sorts of things around the ‘house’ (I use that term loosely, seeing as how I’m currently in a 1 BR condo. Ah well…). Baking & Cleaning & Tossing out & Decorating & Crafting – you name it, I’ve got my little nose into it in the Autumn.

[The mind blowing part is coming… just hang on…]

So I thought for this post I’d give you a little handy tip I’ve used, a product recommendation (that’s rare for me!), and a little mind-blowing as garnish. Ready? Cool.


If you want things organized & tidy & quite convenient, call a Virgo. Even better? A Virgo w/ OCD (hello!)… well, you have both here in me. 🙂

I cannot stand clutter – eliminate it at every opportunity. One of the places where clutter accumulates is the bathroom counter. ‘Cuz I’m also lazy, people. I don’t want to be reaching into drawers & cabinets for every bit of makeup or doo-dads that I need to use in the morning to put on my makeup.

Obviously I needed a solution. A simple (and inexpensive!) solution, at that. Sooooo – I came up with this:

Convenient & Organized

Ta Dah! Simple as can be. Just find a carousel that you like (I think I got this one from Amazon or WalMart), and organize to your heart’s content. You can use one, two or three levels, depending on what you want to have out. And a plain old glass works just peachy to hold all the ‘stand-up’ things like brushes & eyeliners – a pencil cup would work too. What’s really great about it is that you can rotate it to whatever you need to reach. Handy, huh?

[Oh, and in case you’re wondering… Yes, that’s all of my makeup. No, that’s not all of my nail polish. I have a bit of an obsession… it’s a thing. Don’t judge…] 😉


My skin is often a problem. I am super-crazy pale, and my skin is ridiculously sensitive. I’ve used all kinds of products over the years, from CVS to the mall makeup counters, but everything had some facet that either I didn’t like or that didn’t do well with my skin.

Until now.

Skin Pampering at its Finest

The ‘naturals’ line from Neutrogena. The company makes bad-ass makeup and skin care already, but this new line is something special. It’s gentle, effective, leaves your skin looking & feeling scrumptious… and the best part? It smells AH-mazing. Seriously. Like ‘my cats want to lick my face after I wash it’ kind of amazing. Works on humans, too – I speak from experience. 😉

So if you’ve been looking for something great for your face, you should try it. Worked wonders for me!

And now…

Blow Your Mind!

You know the big thing these days in makeup is the BB creams and the face ‘primers’, right? They go on silky smooth, leave your face feeling like powder, and get your makeup looking all photo-ready fabulous. It’s like a miracle or something, right?

Only one problem. The Price!

The good primers are like Smashbox, Clinique, etc., and a teeny tube costs more than … well, more than the entire remainder of makeup that I use. And that is too much. Can’t justify it.

Well, I’m here to help. Because, I introduce you to….

Monistat Chafing Gel

Yep, it’s for feminine chafing (like when your thighs rub together & you get a rashy-burn). Yep, it’s from Monistat. Nope, I don’t have problems with my lady-bits. Doesn’t matter. This stuff is amazing.

Goes on like liquid powder and feels like a dream. Works like one, too. And it’s a fraction of the cost of those name-brand primers. And it doesn’t matter if you wear just a poof of powder, or compete with Tammy Faye for spackle-rights, this gel should be part of your ‘tool-kit’. Mind blown? Good!

So there you have it, my lovelies. A little bit of home goodness to perk up your Monday.

Hope you enjoy!!


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