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seasonal fun…

So the days are getting shorter & the nights longer… there’s a bite to the air in the mornings, and the trees are bursting with all their majestic color.

What’s not to like, right?!

Now is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors, especially here in the Deep South, where temperatures are hovering right in the prime spot where you don’t need a heavy coat, but a fire outside at night isn’t too hot either.


So get out there and enjoy it! There’s all sorts of things to do… Pumpkin Patches, Wooded Walks, Orchard Apple Picking (if you’re near one), Hay Rides, Bonfires… and Movies!

Yes, I said movies. Check it out:

Lawn Movie Night

Have a movie night out on the lawn. Can’t beat it! Now, depending on how much fundage you’ve got to work with, you can go rustic-simple or full-on glam.

There are companies where you can rent whole sets of lawn movie gear, but maybe you don’t want to spend that much. Believe me, I can relate. If you think you’re going to want to do this several times a year, you might want to invest in your own little screen. There’s this one from Amazon that’s under $100, and with 82″ you could have a nice little soiree. There’s also this one from Home Depot that’s right about $200, but it’s a full 12′ – Wow! Tons of other options out there, too… you just gotta look. And don’t forget, we’re resourceful (and often flat broke) Southerners… a white bed-sheet stretched out with clothespins works quite well, too.

As for how to show it – well, there you’ll need to get a little creative. Lots of businesses or professional groups have projectors, some libraries have ones you can check out, friends or family may have one… it’s all a roll of the dice. If you want to buy one to have a “throw it together anytime” outdoor theatre, you’re going to pay anywhere from $100 (like this) to $3,000 (like this), depending on what sort of projector you want. Most decent ones average around $300 or so (such as this one). But definitely check out the borrow/rent route first – find out if you like the whole ‘movie on the lawn’ shin-dig!

Once the technical aspects are covered, the rest is easy. Just grab all the blankets & pillows & chairs that you want to use, gather them around your screen, and you’re set.

Add-ins that really make things special are strung lights, huge bowls of buttery popcorn, and even a little bonfire. Bake up some seasonal treats, roast some marshmallows, brew a little “grown-up juice”… Get creative!

You can make the evening as laid-back or as detailed as you want. Do you want to have little tickets that everyone gets to take home? Will you want to make personalized popcorn boxes? Should everyone bring food and just hang out? Set the tone and see it through.

Also, decide beforehand if you want your event to be a ‘watch the movie & hush’ gathering, or if you want the movie to be the background while people socialize… if you want talking, try to pick a movie that everyone’s seen.

A few movie suggestions (for varying audience mixtures):

  • The Princess Bride
  • Anything Disney
  • Star Wars (IV-VI only!)
  • Harry Potter
  • His Girl Friday
  • Evil Dead
  • Best in Show
  • Avatar
  • Chocolat

If you’ve got tons of kookie people on your list, then throw in Grease or Rocky Horror and make the whole night ‘interactive’ – sing, yell at the screen, dance around – whatever you want to do! The most important thing is to just have fun with it. If you’re enjoying yourself, everyone else will too.

That’s all for today, my lovelies… hope you get out there and enjoy this magic weather!


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