remembering to give thanks…

Thursday was a rough one. After the fun and excitement of All Hallow’s, I got some news that was… well, let’s just say discouraging. I tend to have a fairly good hold on my emotions, I don’t typically go off the deep end to either extreme, because what’s the point, what does it solve – but sometimes things just suck and I get twisted up just like anybody.

And when you’re getting started in a good soul-deep wallow, the last thing you want to see or hear is other people crowing about all the fabulous things in their lives… their great new house, their adorable brand-new baby, their brilliant significant other… Yeah, it’s hatin’ – and sometimes we all do it. Doesn’t make it right. Does make us human.

As I stood teetering on the edge of letting myself fall into that depression… my toes hanging off the edge, looking down into the abyss and swaying with the dizzy feeling of near-flight, the litany started. Why not me? Don’t I ever get to be the one who wins? What do I have to do for it work for me? When is it ever going to be my turn? Luckily, I had voices and hands, solid and sure, to keep me steady.

The wisdom of my bestie, the calming silence of a listening friend, and the solid presence of kindred spirits in many directions… all supportive, empathetic, caring, and with a dash of smack upside my head if I started leaning too far.

And then there was a new thought… Man, am I lucky! And I am.

It’s November – the month where we take especial notice of what we’re thankful for. It was a good time for me to remember just how much thanks I have to give.

  • I have a job. It’s not fancy, but it pays the bills.
  • I have my health. Not perfect, but I’m doing well.
  • I have a home. Maybe not exactly what I want, but it’s cozy & keeps me sheltered.
  • I have love. So. Much. Love.

I have love from dear friends, and family-of-choice that are closer to me than my blood. Nobody can be poor or discouraged with this much love. And regardless of what happens in my world… no matter if I get everything I want or not, I have won.

I just had to remember that.

Always Remember…


7 thoughts on “remembering to give thanks…

  1. My hearth witch,What would we do without the chosen few family and the family we make for ourselves? I live with my sister, I’ve got a wonderful sacred space, I’m swimming in wonderful discoveries I make daily, I’ve got lovely friends and much ado about my sister. She is great and I’m blessed. I’m unfortunately in horrible pain but so what. I’ve got pretty much what I want and everything I need. Brightest blessings. Byrony

  2. i know the feeling. of oh…. why not? and what if? and i too am a very lucky girl, as far as the essentials go. i have have all i want and waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than i need. it’s not the things, hell! somedays i’d rather be in a tent eating ice cubes, and that’s on the good days. that pity party you had must have been caused a moment of realizaton of something that upset you. don’t fret, and don’t feel guilty, of course you are thankful for all you HAVE, but on a day when your heart is heavy and you feel like you have lost your best friend for no reason, the things you have do not matter. i don’t know what happened and it does not matter, what does matter , is you felt it, you found it wasn’t good and you came out on the other side. (i do this quite often) please know you have reached someone who understands and is gald you are. many blessings and much magic, christy

  3. Loved meeting you at the October Gathering, and putting a face on another chosen family member to love that loves me back. Hugs and Kisses.

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