unexpected messages

So… we’re magic, right? That means our guidance doesn’t come from one particular book, or city, or random guy standing up once a week & telling us what we should do… right? Of course right. (Sorry, just had a Fiddler on the Roof moment there.)

We actively participate in building our future. We stay aware of what’s around us so that when a message or direction does come our way, we’re engaged enough to recognize it for what it is – and proceed accordingly. Sometimes, seeing those messages is tough. Sometimes, it’s not.

Both here and on my facebook profile I am extremely opinionated and outspoken. It’s funny, really, because in person I’m only that way once I really know someone – I actually start out pretty shy. (Yeah, yeah, scoff if you will – it’s true!) But online I’ve taken up the sword and charge endlessly into ‘battle’… saying the things I think deserve to be heard, and convention and others’ opinions be damned. Most of the time, I’m sounding my barbaric yawp & daring the weak-minded masses to bring me down.

Sometimes… it gets to me.

There are times when it feels like a constant battle against a shadow. Like trying to hold back the tide with my bare hands. In the face of the unrelenting idiocy and bigotry and hate and prejudice… sometimes I just get completely burnt out & think “no. damn it, no. i’m done! i’m not doing this anymore. it’s not worth it!”.

The last time I got to that point (this past summer) – nearly on the very day – I received this private message completely out of the blue on facebook:

Okay, gurl – so I have been following everything you have been posting and mostly have tried to stay out of it, but I just have to tell you… THANK YOU. You are extremely opinionated (that’s a good thing!) and more importantly, NOT afraid to tell people what you are thinking. I think I’ve been too tired, fed up, and just flat-out pissed off at the so-called Christian community lately over this Chick-Fil-A bullshit that I just want to adopt the attitude posted recently by of one of my dear, sweet gay-boyfriends (the straight-girl’s loophole) “If I delete your sorry ass, you can go make yourself feel better by eating some chicken and praying.”

I admire you for putting it out there, standing up for what you believe in, and most of all for your INFINITE patience with the people posting some of that crap in response to you. You rock. 🙂

Uh huh. Tell me that’s not a message screaming & smacking you upside the head. After reading that note I remember vividly, I looked up and said out loud, “Ok fine! I won’t quit… you happy?!”

Luckily there was nobody outside my office at that particular moment.

So whether it’s something as brash and blatant as a *literal* message, or something as subtle and simple as a lovely light rain (if that’s your thing – it totally is mine) on a day when you need some encouragement, never forget that you are not alone. You are being sent the guidance you need.

You just have to make sure you’re paying attention.


Don’t forget to listen…


One thought on “unexpected messages

  1. I’m still working on that one…there are still things on Fb that I won’t “like” because of how many I have on my profile that are family-ish that I don’t want to throw off too much. I’ve had a friend or two do the gentle “read the bible, you’ll feel better” push and I just smile and say thanks and go on about my business. It’s the conflict I’d like to think I’m avoiding but I know deep down there a deeper reason behind it all. I hope this next year proves easier for me to sit back and say what I need to say outloud….I do admire you quite a lot for your voice 😉

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