magic names…

I’m not an expert on any of this, my lovelies… I’m not qualified to be a teacher, don’t know enough to even pretend to be one (though I know people who think they do) – but I’m learning things… and upon occasion I feel like some of these things are worth sharing.

Because maybe you haven’t found your teacher yet, maybe you want to stay Solitary, or maybe you just want a different perspective from your teacher or group. So I post, and I ramble, and I share… and hopefully you get something worthwhile out of it.

So today is: Magic Names.

Now before I get into the finding of said name, a quick word about the sharing of said name. It’s my experience that the decision to share or not share is wholly an individual one… There are some people who have an entire presence through their magic names, and there are others (like me) who keep it entirely private. There is no right or wrong, it is completely up to you how often (or not) you share your name. It’s yours – you can do with it as you will. So as much as I love you, darlin’s, I’m keeping mine private. Maybe not forever, but definitely for right now. That said…

I used to think that the right way to approach a magic name was the same way I approach the idea of a tattoo. No, I don’t currently have any… but it won’t be too long before I do. That said, it has been a LONG time coming.

I thought and planned and mulled over every aspect of what I want to get. I researched and scoured and discussed and even did some trial runs.

‘Cuz of… you know… I’m a PLANNER.

The way I see it is, this is a thing that’s going to be on/with you FORever. Damn sure better mean something! So I thought if I were going to have a magic name, the name by which I would be known in my craft, it would have to be really incredibly planned, right?!

Yeah. Not so much.

Because what happens when you start to dig in & research what you want your magic name to be, huh? … I’ll tell you.

You start going through all the deities of the pantheon that you think is the coolest and playing around with all the ways you could spell them. You run through every available variation of Morgana (or Merlin) or other Arthurian names. You come up with a list of Animals, Celestial Bodies, Plants & Directions and then try as many different combinations as you can think of.

Admit it – you’re sitting there chuckling because that’s exactly what you’ve done. Right? And if you did come up with a name, it probably felt more like an online ‘handle’ and not your true, magical self… Am I still right?

Ok – so here’s why I think that is. Because as much as we love to plan and plot and research (some of us more than others), your magic name isn’t something you can do that way. Because when you do that, you’re working from your head, not your heart… not your soul.

And what is your magic, if not your soul?

Not to mention, if you go the research route then you’ll inevitably end up with a name that 50,000 other people have… because they’ve done the same research! And really, how many Rowan FireStorm’s or Morgan ShadowFox’s do we need?

[Note: Now before anybody starts getting all riled up at me, there are those who have truly found their soul-song in names like these, and I’m not saying they’re wrong… It’s just my opinion that for most of us, it doesn’t work like that.]

So. We don’t research. We don’t even allow ourselves a lot of time. Sometimes you’ll have the moment of truth thrust upon you and you get the extra ‘incentive’ you probably needed to get it done – but if not, then set your own time frame & make yourself stick to it!

Find a quiet place, light a candle if you want, and just listen. You know what your name should be… you’ve always known, just like you know how to breathe…

Update: There are situations where you might feel it necessary to change your magic name. You’ve gone through a portal, taken a different path, whatever the reason… If you come to a point where the old no longer fits, then simply find your new direction – You don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself!


Listen to your soul-song


2 thoughts on “magic names…

  1. Nice blog! Some folks have a public and a private or secret magickal name. IMHO, finding your magical name is a magickal process that often begins with research and list making. That’s how I started out too!
    For me, finding or creating my magickal name was a requirement for priesthood ordination. No pressure, right? Well, I did have two years of formal training time to git er done along with the other requirements. Patience is a virtue, or so it is said. I would say my personal process for obtaining my magickal moniker took the better part of a year. I researched and scrawled out lists and was not happy with anything my conscious mind could muster.
    And then ‘it’ happened…at 3 o’clock in the morning, I managed to wake myself out of a zombie-like sleep as I was stroking my third eye with my left middle finger and saying the name out loud – over and over. When my brain grabbed hold of consciousness I jumped out of bed and went straight to my reference books and notes to figure out this name and where it came from. Turns out, it was a name I was unfamiliar with, and I only ever found one reference to it in a small blurb in a single book. It is the name of a localized, and very obscure Goddess. LOL…and I was not tickled to find her…initially. What I didn’t know at that moment, was that the archaeologists that unearthed this Goddess and Her name, had deemed her according to their narrow minded comprehension. I learned Her true nature for myself by consciously connecting with Her. I have absolutely no doubt, that all of this was a mystical experience that significantly changed and enriched me spiritually…even 14 years later.

    • Good for you. 🙂 It’s such a great feeling when you know you’re on the right path and doing the right thing.
      Thanks for your sweet comments – always love hearing from others in the community!

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