bundt-pan magic…

I’ve always liked bundt cake – how about you? There’s something about the brown outside, creamy yellow inside (depending on flavor) and interesting shape… not to mention the fact that you have the wonderful ridges that make cutting pieces so fabulously uniform (that’s my OCD peeking out, jic you missed it. LoL).  My grandmamma used to make her pound cake in a bundt pan, and it was heaven – seriously. The woman could do wonders in the kitchen.

Me? Well, if you’ve been following this blog you know I’m not exactly the world’s best cook. I go for quick & easy ALL the time. And sometimes? Magic happens. I’m already obsessed with the recipe I posted a while back about the ‘monkey bread’ in the bundt pan, but I’ve got a new one for you!

Hang on to your hats, we’ve got…

Garlic Bread Pull-aparts


  • Stick of Butter
  • One can of Grands Biscuits (not flaky)
  • Garlic Powder
  • Parmesan Cheese

(I always have the toughest list of ingredients, don’t I? LoL)

[Note: I actually used the ‘fancy’ parmesan cheese that’s little shreds instead of a powder – when I make this again, I’ll be using the powder… I just think it’ll turn out even better.]


Turn oven on to 350. Drop the stick of butter in the bundt pan & set it in the oven as it heats up. Cut the biscuits into quarters & toss in a bowl with garlic powder & parmesan cheese (this is really a ‘to taste’ kind of thing as opposed to any hard & fast amounts).

When the quarters are coated, pull the bundt pan out of the oven – the butter will be melted all lovely & ready to go. Drop the quarters into the melted butter & slide that bad boy back into the oven (it should be heated by now).

Use the directions on the biscuit packaging for how much time to let it bake, but mine took about 15 min.

Keep an eye on the biscuits & recognize that when the top that you can see is *slightly* brown, the underside will be all golden – it’s cooking in the butter, after all. You don’t want to over-cook these, you want them to come out super-soft… mine practically melted in the mouth. Seriously.

When you’ve decided they’ve baked enough, lay a plate over top of the bundt pan and *flip*! The garlic bites drop onto the plate & you’re ready to go.

Could not be easier, and it’s magic in every bite.

[Note: if you’re lucky enough to have a best friend who makes homemade spaghetti to go with it, then you’re blessed… I know I am! 😀 However, you could also make it yourself. LoL]

That’s it, my lovelies… Enjoy!

Golden Buttery Heaven...

Golden Buttery Heaven…


3 thoughts on “bundt-pan magic…

  1. that is so great, I will have to print that out, and yes I make my spaghetti sauce but usually just have buttered bread to go with it, this sounds much better than garlic bread. Thank you for the post

    • You’re very welcome! It turned out amazing & was (as you can see) ridiculously easy to make. I recommend for any meal where you’d normally have garlic or buttered bread. 🙂

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