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a witchy weekend…

So Spring has sprung… right? You can’t really tell around here, because we’ve had a rush of cool, damp, overcast weather. Lots of rain & storms & whipping winds.

I. Love. It!

It’s like Nature has put an arm around my shoulders, leaned in close & whispered: “You’ve been a good girl, sweetie… here’s a little surprise just for you.” 😀

For those of you out there who are moaning about the lack of warmer weather, I do apologize… but you already get so much of the year, you won’t begrudge me a couple extra weeks, will you? Don’t worry, we’ll all be sweltering soon enough.

Anyhoo – after celebrating Ostara with a crisp, amazing wine, decadent carrot cake (cute, huh?) and some SWEEPING spring cleaning, I was all set for this past weekend, which rolled in fabulously rainy & overcast.

First up was the Atlanta Pagan Marketplace, an annual event bringing all varieties of pagans from around the Southeast. My bond-sister made the trek into town (bringing some goodies that I’ve been craving!) and we had an absolutely amazing time hanging out with each other, reconnecting with some old friends, meeting a few new ones, and spending a bit more than we probably should have… [but FAR less than we were tempted to!!]

We did a bit of running around after that, and then got snuggled in at my place with the third of our ‘three musketeers’ & watched a movie before she had to head back home.

Sunday brought some time to get work done, enjoy the company of loved ones, and nosh on some really incredible eats…

The whole weekend was one of those fresh, clean, ‘open’ sort of times when everything seems new, and peaceful, and just right. Makes you know you’ve got your life straight when you have days like that… not all twisted up about anything – just letting life “be” and enjoying it.

And honestly? Even with cold temps, wind and rain…

It’s really very SPRING.

Fur-baby posing on the new bedding set - Spring!

Fur-baby posing on the new bedding set – Spring!


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