a letter from myself

My darling self –

As your days pass, and your path stretches out in front of you, there are a few things you should hear. A few things you need to know, and believe, and live. A few things I can tell you… you just need to listen.

It’s tough, listening. Your world rushes by in an unending swoosh of light, color, emotion, responsibility, activity – it’s hard to shut it all off, calm down, and really hear what I’m saying to you. But try – please try – because it means the world to you, even if you don’t know it.

So stop. Just for a moment. I want to talk to you.

These things which weigh you down, they’re not as heavy or as important as you think they are. You forget, sometimes, the bigger picture. You don’t remember how blessed you really are, and how much more you have than you need. You may not be rich, and there are always struggles, but most of what you wear & carry around is not worth it! Let it go… free yourself.

It doesn’t matter what they think of you. You know who you are. You know what your past holds and what you’ve accomplished. What someone else believes of you is irrelevant. You know the truth.

Nobody has power over you unless you give it to them. And you’re far too willing to give it, sweetie. You really must be more discerning and not take everyone immediately at their word. Regardless of how powerful someone claims to be – or tells you they are – it is nothing compared to the strength inherent in you… the strength you have to stand your ground, hold on to your power, and by that action defy those who seek to hurt you. You can do it.

You are beautiful. It’s never been an easy concept for you, I know. You’ve always been too willing to believe those who tell you otherwise. But they lie. They want to bring you down. They have their reasons: petty selfishness or jealousy, feeling inadequate & needing to step on someone else… whatever it is, it is irrelevant. They do not matter – only how you see yourself. And if you start to forget, just look through the eyes of those who love you… you’ll find the truth there.

You don’t need anyone else. You really don’t. Want them? Yes. Are made better by them? Yes. Learn from them, good or bad? Yes. But NEED them? No… you don’t. You are enough. All the amazing, caring, uplifting people in your life are simply a gift – and you are so very blessed.

And lastly, my beloved own:

You can stand on your own two feet, head back, arms thrown open to the Universe, and just BE.


… Because you already are.

Please remember. But if you forget, I’ll always be here… quietly whispering as many reminders as you need.

I love you.

Embrace the All

Embrace the All


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