shameless self-promotion…

Ok people – I don’t normally trot out the various things I have available for sale, or do cross-overs from my photography, film & publications sites to this blog, but today I’m pretty stoked so I just wanted to share with you guys!

Quicksylver Publications is moving some of our traditional ‘hard copy’ books to Kindle, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! First up is the first volume of SylverMoon Chronicles – an anthology of short stories in the genres of: Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror. There’s definitely a little something for everyone.

And if you love it, don’t fret… Volumes II & III are already completed and will be available on Kindle in the very near future, and IV is already being written. We turn out content fairly regularly – you won’t be waiting years for us to put out a book!

SMC Cover2

So download your copy, dive in, and join us as we take you to new times and places – it’s quite a ride!

Get the book HERE.

And we’re offering a little something special… Buy the book, post a review on Amazon, and get a FREE *bonus* short story – this is exclusive content that will not be available in any other book or location… Just for you!

Enjoy, my lovelies.



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