words of wisdom…

Sometimes you come across wisdom that just doesn’t need any commentary. And when you do – it’s a good idea to share it. Today, I give you this bit from my guide and sister in the Craft – Cindy Maluna.


Spent most of the afternoon pouring over information on Samhain. Then I put the books down. Knowledge is wonderful, reading a passion. You can teach yourself anything… if you can read. But the knowledge is useless if you don’t follow your own instincts.

There are basics to every equation.. if you don’t master those, you can’t build a foundation. It seems our country has lost it’s foundation. The word POOR (or money challenged) has taken over the words gay, or alternative religion, or color of your skin… it’s looked down upon.

God forbid you can’t afford what your friends have, ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’, to coin a old saying… well here’s a news flash. The Joneses are broke.

I look around our small town… an example of this country… upcoming school trip… mind you, a school trip… $3000. Are your friggin kidding me? People take out tons of credit cards… they have no intention of paying, and banks shell them out like candy… build incredibly beautiful homes… and walk away when they can’t afford the loans… buy cars they cannot pay for… all for the sake of wanting, having, shopping, buying, impressing.

It’s as much of the American people’s fault as the powers that run this country. It’s greed. And insecurity. And not being told no, you can’t have it.

There are 5 points to a pentacle. Earth… where we live, how we survive. Air… what we breathe, how we speak. Fire… our passion, warmth. Water… nourishment. The blood that flows through us. And Spirit… Our faith. Our light. Those are the basics of the Craft. If you don’t understand and feel them, you can’t build from them.

This full moon… look within yourself, find your basics. Don’t look to what others have… be happy with what YOU have. Say no. Of all your possessions you buy… your faith, your beliefs are the most precious. BB

See there?

‘Nuff said.



5 thoughts on “words of wisdom…

  1. Good post. Yes. We all have bad habit of spending money on stuff we know we can’t afford. I am working on it now! 🙂

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