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getting darker…

It’s a bit of a perfect storm happening out this way, my lovelies.

The veil thins, the nights get longer, and the moon begins to wane. There’s even a bit of a cold snap on its way (finally!)…

Time to pause and enjoy the little imps of your nature trying to get out. Don’t allow them to cause harm, obviously, that’s not how we operate as a community – but let them breathe a little. Let them stretch & enjoy a little frost-bitten nose.

Do a little ‘waning moon’ work – see what happens!

Waning Moon
The moon’s waning phase is as it gets smaller after the full moon.  As the moon slips away in the sky, use this time to do spellwork to remove negative things from your life. The waning moon is a good time for reflecting & casting out old ways of doing things, banishing bad habits, or the removal of troubles and worries (internal or external!).

Spells: Break addictions, Close the door on negativity, Walk away from toxic relationships, Push out the bad or false 



6 thoughts on “getting darker…

    • Glad you liked! 😀
      It’s the perfect time to get rid of all the cruds… (and a little ginger tea never hurt anybody. LoL)
      Thanks for your comment.

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