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autumn sundays…

You already know I love everything about this time of year. From start to finish, there’s not a thing I don’t like… hell, I even take the season-change sinus attacks I get with good cheer – I’m just that happy that the cool weather has finally arrived.

So being that happy & alive has the side-effect of making me far more productive, which is always a good thing! Today was a particularly boss one. Got up, got some housework done, went & worked out, got the week’s grocery shopping done, came home to start some laundry… and sat down with edits on Quicksylver Publication’s latest novel. All just perfect. But then I decided I wanted to get something to drink while I sat here & worked, so I slipped into the kitchen & decided to get creative.

And what I came up with just *had* to be shared.

I mixed this:


Apple Cider… any kind will do.

with this…


The one & only – accept no substitute

and this…


Nectar of the gods – sweet, luscious gods

Hoooooboy – now that’s a treat.

I swear, people – like I commented on my FB page… it’s like sipping on a spicy caramel apple. *Perfect* for those Autumn days when it’s not quite cold enough for the ‘toddy’ family of drinks, but you still want to get into the spirit of the season.

So kick back, try a little mix for yourself, and enjoy these days – they go so fast!


2 thoughts on “autumn sundays…

  1. Mm, this looks delicious! I tried a drink the other day that was apricot cider and honey mead–nice to get the flavors of fall in a refreshing cool drink, since it’s not quite cold enough for warm cider here, either.

    I think I still have some hard apple cider in the fridge that I could use to make this. I’ll have to find this caramel Smirnoff drink–that sounds like it could be good in hot chocolate when the weather gets chillier!

    • Oooh – that sounds good too! I’ll have to see about that one. I do love me some hot chocolate. 🙂 And yes – the caramel smirnoff is amazing… You don’t even need much, and you can easily taste the caramel. MMmmmmm.

      Glad you liked – and thanks for the idea! ❤

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