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gettin’ decorated…

Because it’s almost time! … And no, I don’t mean your house – because I *know* that’s already been handled. (In fact, here’s a little pic of my newest fur-baby chillin’ on my Halloween quilt – just cuz it’s fun & she’s AH-dorable.)


My little snuggly angel

But! That’s not what this post is about… no, no, no – this is about decorating YOU. I had an idea for doing my nails for the holiday & brought my polishes into the office. It turned out so great, I wanted to share it right away! (Which means these pics are shot w/ a silly little point-n-shoot in very bad lighting, and therefore not up to snuff. LoL)

I love doing my own nails, but don’t often get to do ‘fun’ stuff w/ them because I’m not a nail artist. However, I took these:


10 – Orange You Glad I Said Yes (429)
OPI – Black Shatter

And came up with this:


‘Samhain’ Manicure

And I LOVE it! It’s so fun, a tad creepy, but still kinda classy. I didn’t want to do the crackle all over the whole nail, because while that’s cool-looking, depending on where you work it’s not really business appropriate. And I like to be subtle with my Samhain celebrating when I’m away from home. This fit the bill perfectly.

Not sure if you can see it quite so well, but the orange has a sort of metallic sheen to it, so it kinda pumps up the drama just a bit.

And the best part? Because you’re using *crackle* for the tips, it doesn’t matter if you can’t paint a perfect strip on your own hands… however you do it, it’ll look great!

Fast & Sassy… and just in the nick of time!

Enjoy, my lovelies.


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