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last-minute scrambling…

So I was gonna do a whole post about last-minute costumes for anyone who just suddenly got invited to a party, or had the urge to dress up – and didn’t want to go to the store for a costume! (Because really, who wants to, amIright?!) But then I came across this article and it was just too perfect – couldn’t have done it better myself… so here you go:

Last Minute Costume Ideas

And with these as inspiration, you can come up with all kinds of other ideas… Like donning an orange sweatshirt & drawing a jack-o’-lantern face on yourself… or adding a witch hat & black nails to … well, *anything* you’ve got in your closet – then when someone says “Witches don’t dress like that!” you can grin knowingly and say… “Aaaah, but they do.” LoL

Get Creative & Enjoy!

Halloween Queen by angelnablackrobe

How cute is she?!



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