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So here it is, New Year’s Eve, and I’m not dressed up, not out partying, not getting wasted with hundreds of strangers… thank the goddess! Instead, I’m spending time with friends, in comfy clothes, and having a grand old time. It’s our annual tradition – we’ll pause just before midnight and watch the ball drop, sip a little bubbly and cheer the new year in… and then we’ll get back to the business of simply enjoying each others’ company. It’s exactly what I want to be doing, and I’m beyond grateful that I get to do it.

I’ve also had time to read some posts on facebook today, and it makes me think back over the year past. It seems as though quite a few people had a rough time during 2013 – it was a time of upheaval, struggle, and changes. It’s as if it was a crucible of sorts that tested the mettle of the wary & clueless alike. Some found their life paths, some eliminated negativity from their circles, some gained focus, some moved to a new stage in their life… all this & more.

I myself had some rather significant changes – I was able to recognize the influence of toxic people in my life, and found the strength to turn my back on it and walk away… I was able to find that strength through the warm & supportive embrace of a handful of people who truly care about me & my well-being… I made substantial strides in walking the path of my own magic, and felt it surge in response to being truly free… I even took the time to do an honest assessment of my life and what I am doing with it – and stepped up to make the changes necessary in order to put myself in the right direction of my future…

and I took you along with me. That’s made such a difference.

So for anyone who has truly been through the fire this year, (and it seems as though there are so many!) just know that you are not alone. Recognize that there is a community out there in the world who cares about you, and is rooting for you to reach deep inside & find whatever it is you need to take one hesitant step after another until your strides grow stronger and take you right out into the grand open spaces… to that place where you can fling your arms out wide, throw your head back, and let loose all the love, hate, pain, ecstasy, fear and power that you have within you… to the place where you can recognize the bright, shining star that you are – the son or daughter of the cosmos, the brother or sister of every living creature…

more powerful than you have dared to dream.

You can make it happen.

So do.

Be the Everything that You Are...

Be the Everything that You Are…


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