belize volunteering – 01.11.14

[This is the first entry of the journal I kept while volunteering for two weeks at an orphanage in Belize. I will be posting all of my journal notes over the next several weeks. Feel free to bookmark & come back to check as I take you with me through my time in Central America. Hope you enjoy!]

Sitting on the plane, just waiting for everyone to board so we can head off. It’s storming outside – lightning flashes light up my window as I write.

Rainy Saturday Morning

Leaving this morning was both easier and more difficult than I’d imagined. Got teary a couple of times, but it was ok once I got going. The fur-babies knew something was up, I think – Arthrak was super-affectionate last night & Pisha hid under the bed this morning. All three loved their special canned-food treat, though.

I didn’t think I’d sleep at all last night, but I did – though very little. I lay in bed, excitement & dread warring in me, and a thunderstorm blew up & started raging outside. It was magnificent – and that, coupled with the warm, snuggly bodies of the fur-babies did the trick & sent me off for the few hours I had available.

Struck up a conversation with two cheerful shop-ladies at the ATL International Terminal. The place is a mall – seriously – and rather high-end. They were super-sweet & directed me to the Starbucks. On my way back, coffee firmly in hand, I called them life-savers & paused for a chat. Told them where I was headed & got the response “Bless You! You’re an Angel!” … I don’t feel like an angel – I feel like a nervous little girl, headed into the unknown.

The plane is hot, and I’m a little queasy. Definitely looking forward to the drink truck & a ginger ale.

Someone is humming, something that tends to set my teeth on edge, but I’m working on letting go of the little things. So I’m reminding myself that others’ pleasure is just as valid as my wishes, and I should be more flexible. If I can’t learn that on this trip, then I have issues!

I’ve got good leg-room and a view out the window… I’ll plug in my earphones after the announcements and settle back for the 3 hour flight.

Before I know it, I’ll be in Central America… Now that’s trippy.

Flight was delayed for weather, and then when we were finally rolling, the pilots did a check on something that didn’t show up green… and we had to deboard. We’re hoping the part can be replaced, but we don’t have any idea yet.

Back in the Terminal

Back in the Terminal

Most everyone is only mildly annoyed right now, and there are quite a few calls being made. Just noticed a screen that’s estimating us to leave at 12:30. Hopefully that’s going to prove to be true – I’m really eager to be on my way! On a purely personal note, I’m getting really hungry & no food in sight. That bit of pumpkin bread hasn’t really stuck with me. I should have packed some non-sugar snacks in my camera bag. …  Scrambled to make a pit stop & snagged some chips. Amazing how the little things can make a big difference. Had to call ABV and let them know about the flight-time change. I’m really glad I remembered to write down the office number & bring it with me.

It’s a really interesting experience sitting here and listening to everyone talk about the vacations they’re headed to. There’s been a lot of talk about hotels, diving trips, hiking plans, restaurants… It’s a completely different world that these people are going to. What I’m discovering is… I’m happier with what I’m doing.

I want to do this sort of thing with young ones – bring them to places where they can make a difference and focus on someone else instead of always themselves. If the fates will it, that will be with my own child some day… If not, then hopefully I can have the opportunity to do so with one or more of my nieces & nephews; though it’s entirely possible their parents will do something like this themselves.

And now I’m on my second plane of the day – the rain has stopped, the sun is breaking through, and I’m finding an additional measure of peace.

Saying Goodbye to Atlanta

Saying Goodbye to Atlanta

… And I’m still a little queasy.

First view of Belize!

First view of Belize!


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