Third Day – Things I’ve Learned So Far

  • Cool, misty mornings are my favorite, regardless of what continent
  • The name for the people here is (pronunciation) ‘belishans’, not ‘belize-ians’
  • Cool, misty mornings make for thick, hot, blinding, soul-suckingly humid days (not my favorite)
  • Getting ‘lick-kisses’ from a baby deer is one of the best things ever
  • Walking into a building & feeling AC for the first time in 3.5 days is a religious experience
  • Hearing a familiar voice fixes just about anything
  • You can get used to hearing a rooster crow all day long
  • I’m already finding hints of the local accent in my speech patterns

Somebody should invent an inflatable, packable, ‘travel-desk’ for writing. Just sayin’.

So I’m lying here, in my room, wrapping up the day with some notes as I have been since I got here – and it’s getting easier every day. I actually got my phone SIM card handled today, so I got to hear a voice from home & it was amazing. There were some tears, but it was a little rainstorm that blew over just as fast as they do here in Belize. It’s really a stroke of luck that kept me from hearing ‘home’ until now – I think had it happened sooner I would have lost my resolve & gone home. I’m so very glad I didn’t.

Misty Morning at the Compound

Misty Morning at the Compound

Today was the day of the little deer, ‘Sweetie’. Dasia had rescued her a while back & she was living with the chickens, but at some point a stray dog got in & attacked the poor thing. That happened just before I arrived. The sweet baby has a horrible wound on her little face, so Scott (a fellow volunteer) and I tried to help it. I kept the baby calm (relatively) while he got some ointment in the wound, but it took a while – she wasn’t exactly a fan of the medical procedure. Scott seemed amazed at how the deer reacted to me… she was letting me pet her & stay with her.

Later on, I brought her some water and she came to me & was nuzzling and giving me lick ‘kisses’… of course I’m in love with the baby and would probably try to take her home if I could get her on the plane – and past my fur-babies. They would not be amused. But whenever I go near the little thing she comes up to me, nuzzles my hand, and licks on my arm. I really hope the ointment works and she’s ok.

Little Miss sticking to the Shadows

Little Miss sticking to the Shadows

Got sassed by a little ‘Miss Thang’ when it was time to do homework – some things are just universal. Had hot dogs for dinner – with homemade bread for buns. Three of us (volunteers) went back for seconds – made the cook’s day. We told her the bread was amazing & she puffed up all proud… just like every Southern Gramma I’ve ever known, and said the exact same thing as they all do… “You like? Good! Is my secret recipe.” Only difference is, she told us the secret ingredient – she grates fresh coconut into the dough. No clue how to actually make the bread, though, that’s still safely hers. I swear, the smell of that woman’s bread will always be what Belize smells like to me.

The day wrapped up with a quick walk up the road to get the water bottles filled, and a couple of us splurged and got little cups of ice cream. Tiny little things, but a fabulous treat. Then all the volunteers sat around & chatted for a bit before calling it a night & heading to very cold showers.

I’ve been wiping down my scraped foot with wet wipes after my shower & before bed. I think it’s healing ok… I wonder if it’ll scar – that’d be one hell of a souvenir.

Scott is leaving tomorrow & 3 new volunteers are arriving. The revolving door here makes for a really interesting environment. I don’t think anybody else is coming in before I leave, but three of those here now are leaving the Wednesday before I do. It’s nuts!

Soooo... *kinda* the same, but not really.

Soooo… *kinda* the same, but not really.

The next two days are my days off & I’m really looking forward to them. Have to remember to take my allergy meds – forgot today & didn’t realize until I got hit with a sinus headache around 1. Got a couple spots where I’m ‘splotchy pink’, but still not burned… got a ton of new freckles, though! My feet ache a little, but I think at this point they’re just quitting and saying “to hell with it!” I’m really glad I brought my hiking boots for tromping around on my days off.

Sleepy. Bedtime.


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