Fourth Day – Things I’ve Learned So Far

  • Sometimes, sleeping in is a fool’s paradise
  • It can get so hot that an envelope’s un-licked glue can melt & seal to what’s inside
  • The journey can be just as much fun as the destination
  • Making a kid giggle can make your day
  • Sometimes, you simply make a choice to have fun – and you do
  • A great story can make even the simplest thing better
  • The people of Belize do many things amazingly well – but so far they can’t hold a candle to the South when it comes to homemade ice cream
  • Conversely, Schwepps & Canada Dry haven’t got anything on Belize’s Old Fashioned Ginger Beer – brewed right here in Ladyville (it even gives Buffalo Rock a run for its money)

I’m tired. But not the soul-sucking kind. The “whew, I’m beat but that was awesome” kind. It’s been a long but very fun day. Got up a little later than normal (tried to sleep in but the kids get to chattering pretty early!) & took my time getting ready because I didn’t have to be out with the kids. Three of us (volunteers) headed out to catch the bus into the city. The ‘chicken bus’ runs fairly regularly but I still had time to pop into the bakery before jogging to catch the bus.

The ride was a blast. It wasn’t too hot, the windows were open, and everybody seemed in good spirits. Funny faces are universal & I was able to get a little boy and his sister to giggling. The little ham enjoyed having his picture taken, too.

Little Ham

Little Ham

A wonderful lady on the bus found out where we were headed & told us to follow her when we got off the bus – said she was going right by the water taxi dock. That was definitely a stroke of luck; we’d have been a bit turned around otherwise.

Belize City

Belize City

The vacationers who stop here on their cruises don’t see the real Belize. We walked through the streets, and while everyone has seen pictures, they just don’t capture it. For all the money that pours into this country from tourists, it’s not making too much of an impact. It really weighed on me…

But this was a day for fun. We got to the water taxi dock with no problem and got our tickets. Had a bit of a wait, so we got coffee and I snagged some breakfast (journey cake w/ meat & cheese).

Coffee & Breakfast... Mmmm

Coffee & Breakfast… Mmmm

It was about a 45 min ride to Caye Caulker, and I enjoyed it. The seats weren’t comfy and the boat vibrated through my feet into my jaw, but the view was great and it was actually cool enough that I let my hair down for the first time (other than sleeping) since I’d arrived in the country. Heaven.

A sky that has no end

A sky that has no end

By the time we arrived, it had started to rain. We debated looking for ponchos straight off, but went ahead & ducked into a little place to grab lunch. The worst of the rain passed while we were eating, but by the end of the meal one of my fellow travelers had a long-sleeve t-shirt on, the other a sweater – and I was happy as a lark in my t-shirt. Whimps. Interesting note: They’re both Canadian. 🙂

White Sand Roads

White Sand Roads

We spent the day wandering, looking, shopping, exploring. It was exactly my cup of tea, but I don’t think they cared for it very much… they wanted something to “do”.

As we wandered I spotted the Caye Caulker Animal Rescue, and I saw the 2nd cat I’ve come across since I arrived. It made me miss my fur-babies back home, but I was very glad that there were people even on this little island who were looking after animals who needed help.

Little Kitty just Chillin'

Little Kitty just Chillin’

I did some souvenir shopping and got myself some local rum & an anklet. Sure, it’s something that I could have made at home, but Charles made it. And he sold it to me from his little stand. So now it has a story – I love that, and I love that I’m going to think of him when I see it.

Chatted for a good while with a “temporary” native who really lives in NC and we got the whole lowdown of the area. Wrapped up the day with drinks at a little beach-side bar where a table-full of guys were playing poker to fill up their afternoon.

Poker Time

Poker Time

Getting on the water taxi to head back, snagged a little bag of plantain chips from a street vendor. Not sweet, salty like potato chips, and really good. Actually made it back to the bus stop with only one almost-wrong turn, and arrived right as a Ladyville bus was about to pull off.

Plantain Chips ... Mmmmm

Plantain Chips … Mmmmm

Another fun chicken bus ride and we were back. Stopped off at the truck next to Sky Market for a tamale & a conch fritter before walking back to the home and meeting the two volunteers who arrived today.

Got another day off tomorrow… I need some sleep!

Note: My days off afforded me the opportunity to do some more extensive photography than what my regular posts encompass. To see more pictures of my time on Caye Caulker, please check out my photography blog HERE. Thanks!

Island Rules ... Go Slow

Island Rules … Go Slow


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