Seventh Day – Things I’ve Learned So Far

  • can do this
  • Time truly does change with your perception
  • Clean laundry is an unexpected joy
  • When the new wears off, kids start to show out
  • There are people all over the world who truly care about others and share what they have
  • Some things are worth waiting for

I think it’s going to take a divine act to ever get my hair back to normal – but on the flip side, I haven’t worn a smidge of makeup for a week and my face is in heaven.

It’s been cooler the past couple of days, which I’ve enjoyed – especially in the mornings. I really like taking a pause at the beginning of the day and just sitting on the bench with some coffee while the kids play everywhere. Usually at least one will come sit with me, tucking themselves under my arm and leaning against me as we watch the others. Another really nice moment is when the kids head off to school and a peaceful hush falls over the compound.

Beautiful Old Tree on the Compound

Beautiful Old Tree on the Compound

I have, over the past week, walked more, hand-written more, consumed more airborne, washed more dishes, and eaten more bread than at any time in my memory. Even with all the carbs, I’m losing weight. I’m walking all the time!

I took a stroll to the store & got a new shower curtain for the bathroom – it’s the little things. 🙂

Starting to have a few issues with the kids here and there. They’re used to me being around after a week, and some of them are starting to act up. They’ll try to get you to do their work, or give them money or your belongings, and it’s our job to stand firm. There’s an instinct to give in to them because of everything they’ve been through, but Agatha & the care-givers don’t run this place like that. And if boundaries & discipline (and not giving in to whining brats!) can be established here, how much more should it be happening back in the States?!?! The kids are expected to do their chores and be polite to the volunteers and each other. A couple of them, though, are quite the little troublemakers and attitude givers – it’s to be expected, of course. But just when you’re feeling like “what the hell?!” another will come along and throw their arms around you, or come sit next to you & say quietly “I miss my mom”, and your heart just overflows.

More common than you'd think...

More common than you’d think…

One of the other volunteers mentioned today how they hadn’t expected the kids to be so happy – and they really are. We talked about how resilient children are and how, realistically, the ones who live at the compound see what it’s like outside of Liberty… and if nothing else, they know that here they’re fed, clothed, housed, and cared for. It’s not ideal, but it could be far worse.

Walked down to the laundromat and got my clothes washed today. It’s so nice to have everything clean again! Made a pit-stop at a local roadside spot that makes the most amazing burritos and panades – I got some fish panades & was drooling. Also swung by the bakery for a few little goodies… I’m really going to miss doing that!

Nirvana with detergent

Nirvana with detergent

Tonight at Liberty was a “dance party”, an idea casually thrown out earlier today by one of the volunteers and grabbed with gusto by several of the girls. At first it was adorable, with a lot of the kids dancing around. Later, it got to be a bit of a ‘twerk-fest’, which was a shame to see, but fun was still had by all. They got little ice-drink treats & had a blast. It was really a nice ending to the day.

Was able to get on facebook today for a quick bit & post a little ping. Loved having that connection just for a few minutes to my amazing support structure back home. Really looking forward to getting back there & sharing all this with them.

I am who I am because of the people who fill my life. ❤


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