Eighth Day – Things I’ve Learned So Far

  • Some days just aren’t great
  • … and that’s ok too
  • Also, do not try to get the bus in Belize on a Sunday

We called it on Friday. When we found out that the kids had the day off, one of the volunteers said “It’s gonna be a long three days.” And so it has been. Honestly, I don’t know how the caregivers and volunteers do it in the summer when the kids are off of school. They’re applicants for sainthood, please believe me when I say!



Everyone was working my last nerve today – kids, volunteers, even a couple of the staff. It’s possible I’m PMS’ing… just sayin’.

Three of us went out mid-morning with Dasia to go part-way into town and stop at the big supermarket. We were in search of the meat pies & panades that she’s been raving about. Well, of course today was back to being hotter than it has been the past few days, and being Sunday the buses weren’t running like they do during the week. Wish I’d known that! And apparently, Fri-Sun are the big grocery days because things get discounted, and if the deli sells out, they’re out. Wish I’d known that, too. I picked up a few odds & ends that you can’t get in the States just to try them, and things were looking up.

Chicken Bus Pulling Up

Chicken Bus Pulling Up

Took forever to get back to Ladyville (the chicken bus was PACKED), but when we did the 3 of us decided to sit at Benny’s and have some lunch – we’d already missed lunch at Liberty. A fish ‘burger’ and some local beer did a good job of brightening the day. However, when we got back to Liberty we were in a bit of trouble for not having told Vanisia we wouldn’t be there for lunch. Had we known the trip was going to take so long, we would have. Again… Oh well.

The kids were in rare form all afternoon, and one even tried to bite me. Only reason she missed was because I can be mad quick when I see an attack coming. Chalk it up to being an oldest sibling. I was talking to the other volunteers later & said that in my world, that would have earned a kid a pop. They were all ‘horrified’ – you’d have thought I suggested locking a kid in a tool shed or something, and I couldn’t help but think “Oh, give me a break!” But I didn’t say it. They all seem to be perfectly fine with the fact that we have zero authority and cannot enforce anything, but I find it incredibly frustrating. Is this strictly a Southern thing?! This idea of “you have to mind any adult (non-stranger) who tells you something”?? Certainly seems to be – and that’s too bad.

On the Way to Liberty

On the Way to Liberty

The couple from England headed off to San Pedro – back tomorrow night sometime. Another of the volunteers flew off to see her friends and will likely only be back long enough to pack up and head out at the end of her stay. The rest of us hung out in the apartment and shared some fresh coconut – that was really nice. It was much ‘nuttier’ than I’d expected… and far less juicy. Surprising & enjoyable.

Got to call home for about 15 minutes – it was amazing and did wonders for my mood. All the same, tonight has been the first night when I absolutely felt the need to break out my iPod for some of my music. I’m lounging here on my bed, letting the fabulous Loreena McKennitt work her magic on me. So far, so good. Today wasn’t great, but I’m going to let it go & promise myself that tomorrow is going to be a good one! … And then make it happen.

The Big, Bright Moon

The Big, Bright Moon

The countdown to home has officially begun…


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