Ninth Day – Things I’ve Learned So Far

  • For the love of god, don’t call a powder bun “bread” (lol)
  • Looking forward to little things is a joy
  • Learning to adjust when plans fall through is a valuable skill – don’t fall apart, just figure something else out & move on

Today’s been rainy so far, and rained most of the night, so everything’s wet & it’s been cloudy & drizzly all morning. I don’t mind it at all, really, because it stays cooler that way. The sun seems to be peeking out now that it’s after lunch, so it’ll likely get warmer & start drying out.

Beauty Everywhere

Beauty Everywhere

Last week there were several kids who were sick and stayed home from school, so lunchtime still had a bit of bustle, but today was really quiet. There’s not even that much to do around the compound today, because we can’t work on the grounds in the rain, and we can’t hang the laundry on the lines… the dryer has been running all morning, which they try not to do – but it can’t be helped. Spent some time looking over the supplies available here and putting together some ideas for weekend activities so that the kids aren’t just running around aimless for two days – Agatha doesn’t want them to do that.

My tour is all set for Wednesday (Lamanai) and I’m really looking forward to that. Won’t be able to do the tour I’d hoped on Thursday; there’s nobody else here who wants to go & the price for one person is twice what it would be if there were two. It’s disappointing, but that’s just how it is & I’ll figure something else out.

The super-friendly Shrek

The super-friendly Shrek

Lunch was fun & I got teased by Vanicia for calling her fabulous powder buns ‘bread’. Even got a hug from her as she giggled about giving me a hard time, so that was fabulous. They’re all really friendly people, but not always physically demonstrative… It meant a lot to get that hug from her. Can’t wait til Mary gets back tomorrow – I’m really excited to get my recipes!

Fish Panades ... So good

Fish Panades … So good

Took a walk after lunch to check out Sky Market’s selection of cashew wine – wasn’t as good as Brodie’s, but another volunteer told me later that Lowe’s has a bit more. Not sure if I’m going to be able to make it back down to Brodie’s, so I’ll have to swing over & check it out – maybe tomrrow. I really want to take some home… I found out I can bring up to 2L back (duty-free) if it’s from a Caribbean Basin country – so the Belize wine qualifies (as does the rum I already bought!). I also heard that the cashew wine kinda knocks you on your ass, so of course that only made this Southern Girl want it more. 🙂

Tried coconut water for the first time – wasn’t really impressed. Tasted like slightly milky water, which I didn’t care for. Much prefer my pineapple aloe water – I’m going to really miss that when I’m back home. So much amazing fruit & fruit juice down here!!

A few things you don't see at home

A few things you don’t see at home

Tried to help with the kids’ homework today, but it’s really frustrating. Teaching methods are different here, and a lot of the kids don’t have the best attention spans. Not their fault, but it does make it difficult to help. I’m never sure if they’re not getting something, or not trying. But, I do what I can, as do the other volunteers, and it’s great when one of the kids does get something – watching their face light up is priceless. Also fun, laughing with one of the older kids when neither of you can figure something out. 🙂

My Little Deer Friend

My Little Deer Friend

I’ve got about 700 shots so far; quite a few are multiples, so it’s not really that many, but I love taking pictures down here. I’ve got so many interesting things to show everyone back home!

Was getting eaten UP by bugs tonight, but Waffi gave me a couple mosquito coils, so hopefully that’ll keep me bug-free at least at night. My feet aren’t killing me anymore, so that’s definitely an improvement.

Smells like incense :)

Smells like incense 🙂

Tomorrow is the last/only day that all 8 volunteers will be “at work”, as 3 leave Wednesday & I leave Saturday. I think I’m going to swing by the fruit stand & pick up a pineapple and papaya and see if I can organize a little ‘get together’ after dinner for all of us.

Looks like it might be a really fun day!


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