Tenth Day – Things I’ve Learned So Far

  • Sleep… I need sleep
  • It is monumentally frustrating to try to make plans with companies who aren’t able to be efficient about getting back to you
  • Being queasy in the heat bites
  • Caribbean men love them some white women!

This morning was quite lovely, despite the fact that it’s hot again. Breakfast was the fry-cakes with peanut butter which is SO good, and I actually had warm, sweet, semi-creamy coffee. It was heaven. Afterward, one of the youngest ones crawled into my lap and we sang for a while. Absolutely loved it.

Chickens Chickens Everywhere

Chickens Chickens Everywhere

I helped out a bit at the preschool, had arms & lap all filled with itty-bittys, which is awesome. Part of me wants to help out there again on Friday (my last full day) but I’m leaning toward working in the kitchen… I just love those ladies!

I’ve been trying to get all the plans settled for tomorrow & Thursday, but only being able to email is working my last nerve. At home, I’d have already called and would have everything set & ready to go. This is driving me nuts… but that’s how things go in an area where phone isn’t used all that much (and comes with high costs) and internet connection can be spotty. Just the way it is – it’s easy to forget, back home, just how lucky we are to be as connected as we stay all the time!

It’s hot this afternoon – and really bright. Prime “fry Maddie” time. So that, coupled with feeling queasy, has chased me into my room for a bit. Some of the other volunteers are taking this quiet time of the day to walk down to the water, but I just don’t feel up to it. I’ll likely walk down to the store a little later.

Roadside spot w/ Amazing Caribbean Chicken

Roadside spot w/ Amazing Caribbean Chicken

… [later]

My walkabout was a bit of a mixed bag – I didn’t find the wine I wanted to get for tonight, but I did find some banana gum to bring back as a present and (finally!) a seaweed shake! 🙂 I also, as luck would have it, ran into George – the Coconut Tart guy. I’d heard about him from locals & volunteers and really hoped I’d find him… Every day he loads up a container on his bike with fresh coconut tarts & rides around all day selling them. You never know exactly where he’s going to be, so it’s a roll of the dice if you’ll find him. I was thrilled to see him outside the store today! … And for the record, the tarts are *amazing* – and I’m not even really a coconut fan.

Coconut Tarts!

Coconut Tarts!

It’s such a trip walking the streets around here by myself. Everyone is super-friendly and I never feel unsafe, but I definitely attract attention. I don’t think I’ve ever been called “mamma” and “baby girl” so much in my entire life. Hysterical.

This afternoon one of the volunteers had a bread-baking class with Dasia (preschool principle) and we got to try her rolls at dinner. They were fantastic! Afterwards we had our little impromptu ‘tropical feast’ up in the apartment as a sort of going-away party for the three of us who are heading off tomorrow. We had pineapple, coconut, papaya, star-fruit, and a local cheddar that’s actually really quite good. We all sat around, shared the food, and chatted. It was so nice.

Fabulous fruit & veggie stand

Fabulous fruit & veggie stand

It took a week and a half, but tonight I’ve finally had to retreat to a good, solid dose of country music. The songs from the preschool have been on a loop in my head all day & it’s starting to drive me a bit bonkers. So as I write this, my iPod is pouring my “Country Jamz” playlist into my headphones at a rather alarming volume and I’m ‘silent singing’ at the top of my lungs. It’s a sight to see, I’m sure.

Apparently back home it’s below freezing at night – I. Can’t. Wait!! I’ll miss the people here, when I’m gone, and walking around to all the local spots, but I will not miss the heat. I was just saying tonight that if this is what January feels like, there’s no way I could handle summer!! Whew!

Lamanai tomorrow… ‘Night.


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