Twelfth Day – Things I’ve Learned So Far

  • Don’t listen to “no” – get out & do
  • If you actually try, it doesn’t take long before you’re mistaken for a native
  • Southern women still hold the blue ribbon for Banana Bread
  • Rush hour bites no matter where you are!
Port - Belize City

Port – Belize City

I am the Rain-Bringer. Seriously, that’s the only explanation I’ve got. At least for the islands. Last week: Caye Caulker – rain, Zoo – gorgeous. This week: Lamanai – gorgeous, San Pedro – rain. I’m telling you, it’s a trip. Maybe I get a little sea-spray in my face on the water taxi and just fling my joy into the sky… or maybe I just really don’t want to walk around in the sun. Either way, it works for me. I have zero problem tromping around in the rain & popping into stores to dry off my glasses every so often.

Rainy day - doesn't matter!

Rainy day – doesn’t matter!

I set off while breakfast was being served, knowing I wanted to be away from Ladyville and into the city as early as possible. The ride in was normal, if a little crowded for being a commuter-time bus. Since I was headed to a different water taxi than last week & didn’t want to miss the earlier departure, I splurged a little & took a cab – $7BZ for the quick trip. This new spot was right at the Tourist Village, but I wasn’t interested in looking around. Lots of posh shops targeting vacationers – not my scene.

Huh - Guess I'm not so far from home as I thought!

Huh – Guess I’m not so far from home as I thought!

My driver had given me a coupon for the round-trip water taxi (score!) so I went ahead & got my ticket. Then I snagged a breakfast of a ham & cheese stuffed fry bread and some coffee while I waited. The food was warm & filling and the coffee had only cooled enough for me to drink just before boarding, so I took it with me.. On the water taxi I met a couple from St. Louis who were on their honeymoon & an older couple, also from the States. It was nice chatting with new people.

MMmmmm... Breakfast

MMmmmm… Breakfast

On the way, the new bride asked me if I lived here. It took me aback for a moment, but then I realized that even though I’d tracked one down, nobody had asked me today if I needed a taxi… nobody had looked at me like I was out of place on the bus… even the bus driver hadn’t given me the “you’re obviously new here, are you sure you know where you’re going” look. I thought “Huh… guess I don’t look like a tourist. Cool!” It was a pretty neat feeling and I let myself soak it up.

Streets of San Pedro

Streets of San Pedro

Finally got to San Pedro & just started wandering. Hit some great little shops (actually ran into one of the volunteers who’d ended their stint the day before!), and just had a good time. Settled in for lunch at a little spot on the water and got some amazing shots while waiting for my fish cakes w/ chipotle sauce, slaw, and seasoned fries. It was really good and I had quite the drink to go with it! I almost wish I’d known how expensive the drink was, but if I had known I wouldn’t have gotten it… and it was really good.

Lunch so fresh it practically jumped on the plate

Lunch so fresh it practically jumped on the plate

Sinful... Truly sinful.

Sinful… Truly sinful.

The rest of the day was damp! It went from drizzling to full-on raining as the day progressed. I still wandered for a while, but I ran out of things to see in the immediate area & didn’t feel like going too far out.

La Isla Bonita

La Isla Bonita

Heading back in the direction of the water taxi pier, I ducked into this little spot on the water called “Blue Cafe”. I threw myself on their mercy (it was just the owner & one staff) for use of the restroom, and they said sure. I ended up hanging out with them, chatting and staying out of the rain, until my water taxi arrived. The owner made me an amazing iced coffee with a chocolate-covered cacao bean on top and Mayan coffee bean grounds mixed in. It was heaven… been wanting a good iced coffee ever since I got here, and this was definitely worth the wait. The company of the two of them was fantastic, too, and made for a special (if a bit soggy) end to my visit to San Pedro.

The Blue Cafe - San Pedro

The Blue Cafe – San Pedro

Iced Coffee... Finally!

Iced Coffee… Finally!

The bus back was during rush hour, so it was jam-packed. I missed dinner, which I expected, but had a conch fritter and a little chocolate/banana drink which was plenty. I’ve been a bit dizzy all afternoon/ evening, and I’m so covered in bug bites I look like I have chicken pox, but in spite of that, I’m actually quite content at the moment.

Swing Bridge - Belize City

Swing Bridge – Belize City

Tomorrow is my last full day here. It seems equally as though it’s flown by and that I’ve been here forever. Tomorrow is also Triston’s birthday… I’m really glad I’m going to be here for that. He’s such a little charmer! 🙂

Note: My days off afforded me the opportunity to do some more extensive photography than what my regular posts encompass. To see more pictures of my time on San Pedro, please check out my photography blog HERE. Thanks!

Out to Sea Again!

Out to Sea Again!


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