a silver song…

My anam cara closes most of his correspondence or posts with the phrase ‘stay up, stay gold’ – a reference to The Outsiders, but more accurately, the poem ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’ by Robert Frost.

The Outsiders

The Outsiders

I get why he does it. It’s a beautiful sentiment, and a worthy thing to remind others to be. Hold on to the first blush of youth, keep to the wonder and joy that comes with the newness of everything, see the world through un-jaded eyes. It’s lovely, and makes perfect sense. And don’t get me wrong – I am fully behind staying open, wonder-filled, and excited about life forever…

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Except — most people finish the phrase in their minds with the unspoken words: “… because that’s the best it’s ever going to be.” And I think they’re wrong.

So I’d like to take a moment to champion silver.

Where gold is warm & bright, silver is cool & quiet. Rather than vibrate with the intense energy of heat, there’s a calm, relaxed aura of serenity. It’s not the eagerness of youth, but rather the tranquility of wisdom. Instead of embracing the sun’s light, silver reflects the moon’s glow.

I’ve always been drawn to the moon more than the sun. I appreciate both, I celebrate the balance which is our blessed world, and would not wish away any of it. But the swell of my soul soars on the glitter of moonlight. So the more I’ve embraced the silver of my life, the more I’ve become my truest self.

Gold and Silver

Warm and Cool

Is silver worth less than gold? Perhaps. From a retail perspective, sure. But ‘in my silver’, I don’t have as much to prove. I don’t need the adulation of others. I don’t need anyone else’s approval or the high appraisal that gold gets. I know my worth. It’s exactly where it needs to be.

My silver may not be traded for profit… my ‘futures’ may not make or break the fortunes of men – but I’m solid, trustworthy, classic, elegant, and not beholden to the whims of public opinion.

Instead of impassioned, I’m emboldened.

Blessed by the Silver Light

Blessed by the Silver Light

I’m not in my ‘croning’ just yet (and Goddess help the world when I am! LoL), but my hair is coming in silver now, and not to blow my own horn, but I think it’s pretty dang good-looking. I’m considering (in a few years) essentially buzzing it off and letting it come back in exactly as it wishes to… never to color it again. I get the feeling it’ll be all bright silver in front and dark in the back – there’s an actress who rocked the look but I can’t for the life of me remember who. I can’t wait.

As silver, I’m more comfortable in my skin. More aware of who I am. I have a clearer picture of who I want to be. Burning with the warm flame of gold I expended so much energy without direction. I had no clue about where to go or what to do. Now I’m on a path, with goals – as clearly laid out as they ever can be.

I’ve gotten stronger – I’m not so easily molded, dented, or crushed by outside ‘forces’. And the scratches & scars I do have? Well, they only add to the beautiful patina.

But one thing that is constant – from the bright flash of gold to the cool assessment of silver… There’s always magic, no matter the age. And that is what ties us together and completes the whole.

A Child of the Moon

A Child of the Moon

So yes, ‘nature’s first green’ is absolutely gold. And stunningly beautiful in its time and for its purpose…

But for me? I like my silver. It works on me. It’s where I fit… where I’m comfortable. And besides –

…who says it isn’t Platinum?!

Shine On...

Shine On…


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